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TSEL has a busy June 2007 with projects in USA, Europe and Japan

Saturday, July 7, 2007
The TSEL USA team has completed the decomissioning and de-installation of much of the Infra-Structure in a now closed 200mm wafer fab from one of the top 10 USA IDMs. The production from the fab has been transferred to a new state of the art 300mm facility.

TSEL have overseen the removal of the Water Plant, Power Generators, and the Stainless Steel Pipework from the fab.

In parallel the TSEL USA group have overseen the procurement of a 200mm Resist Asher with Refurbishment, Install and Warranty package.

This tool is shipping to a 200mm facility in Europe to meet a capacity expansion. The European team has arranged for a TSEL approved installation company to install, start up and warranty the tool. This is the 5th such turnkey package TSEL has supplied to this facility in the last 3 years.

Finally to complete the global story for the month TSEL have supplied and shipped an Hitachi SEM from Europe back to Japan for refurbishment prior tosubsequent onward delivery of the tool to a new user in Japan.
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